Saturday, July 18, 2015

Annual Downriver Trip-- Part 3: From a Dead End to a Low Life

July 16, 2015:  We left Port Edwards and drove a good distance along the east bank of the Fox River with great views and eventually ended up at Dead End Saloon in Fox River Grove.  It is on the river and by the US-14 bridge.  We had a drink there, got our stamp and braved the huge amount of traffic to turn left.

This is the section of the trip where we usually get lost and that happened again.  One of these days we will remember to bring along Nancy, our GPS gal.  But we sure see some pretty homes, great landscaping and scenic drives, even though by now we had a light rain falling.  As usual, we ended up by the Nordic Hills Ski Jump way up there in the sky.

Next stop was Herman's Low Life in Barrington Hills (I think).  This is a favorite place of ours and one we'd never have known about except for the Chain Crawl.  So, we went from a Dead End to a Low Life place.  This place was packed.  Of course, it is a small place so it doesn't take that many people to fill it up.  Met a couple there who have a trailer up at Captain's Quarters and we see them most Sundays.

We were so full still from the shrimp, we did not have the Hot Cop Porn.

Going to the Gin House.  --RoadDog

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