Tuesday, July 7, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- June 2015: Petrified Forest and Totem Pole Park

Taken from Route 66 News site which has photos, videos and much more information on all these stories as well as many other articles.  These are just the ones of particular interest to me.

JUNE 1ST--  Petrified Forest pilfering tale is fiction.  The Petrified National Forest in eastern Arizona has reported for years that it is losing 12 tons of fossils a year to souvenir hunters.  No one knows for sure how much is taken, but it certainly is not a ton a month.  We visited there back on our end-to-end Route 66trip back in 2006, but took nothing, though sorely tempted.

JUNE 2ND--  Ed Gallowy's Totem Pole Park near Foyil, Oklahoma, has launched a campaign for its restoration on the Kickstart Campaign site.  It aims to restore the top part of the main 90-foot tall totem pole which is starting to chip.  If enough money is raised, top quality paint will be used. which will last 40-45 years.

It was bult by Ed Galloway between 1939-1948 and his park fell into disrepair after his demise in 1961 until the Rogers County Historical Society acquired it in 1989.  It is now on the NRHP, but not on Route 66, but a common sidetrip.


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