Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 9: Six and Four Makes...


When we got back to the Pagoda area, there were long lines waiting for driver autographs.  Thank goodness I'm not into autographs.  I don't think my tired feet could have taken more abuse by waiting in one.  But, it didn't stop me from going into a gift shop and buying more 5-24-15 souvenirs.

Sue, Paul and John wanted to stay, but I went back to the RV with intentions of resting the dogs.

When they returned, Sue gave me a poster "signed" by the pile-setter, Scott Dixon, wishing me a "Happy 64th birthday."  Then, it instructed me to look at the pictures of Sterno Coletti and Junior Hildebrandt and figure out what they had in common.  Well, I looked and looked, but nothing occurred to me.  Sue said to look at their numbers.  The first was "6" and the second was "4."  Oh. 64, I get it.

We had cocktails and eats outside  Just an absolute perfect day sitting under the trees and enjoying the weather and good friends, food and drinks.

Feers Don't Fail me Now.  --RoadDog

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