Friday, July 17, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 15: "Back Home Again in Indiana"

The track broadcast went to the Space Station and we saw them on the giant TVs, but didn't get sound.    I believe I heard that Jordan Sparks sang the Star-Spangled Banner.  A giant U.S. flag was unfolded on the infield near us during its singing.

There was a flyover by the Indiana National Guard and then those great words, "Drivers to your cars."

Then we had the Indy 500 tradition, the singing of "Back Home Again in Indiana" which they have been doing since 1946.  The last however so many years by Gomer (Jim Nabors).  This year it was done by Indiana's Straight, No Chaser.  Jim was watching it from his home in Hawaii.

I always enjoy the release of the thousands of red, white and blue balloons.  I wonder how far they get.

James Hinchecliffe, my favorite driver, had won a position but had been seriously injured in a pre-race accident and there is some talk that his racing career might be over.

We sit on what is called the catwalk (way high up with those man-beating stairs) half way between the first and second turns so have a great view of anything happening in that area and can see almost to the third turn.  Great seats (and expensive at $185).  For that price, I ought to get an elevator and nearby bathrooms.  You can see downtown Indianapolis out to the southeast and that huge Lucas Oil Stadium.


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