Monday, May 18, 2015

News From Along Route 66: March 2015: Illinois

These are taken from the Route 66 News blog site.  It includes lots of other items about Route 66, but these are some that interest me the most.


What's Happening with Shea's Route 66 Museum, Art's Motel and the Sale of the Ariston.

This was especially interesting to us here in Illinois, a part of the Mother road which is often overlooked.

ARISTON CAFE in Litchfield is for sale since October for $1.2 million and remains operating in the meantime.  I don't know, but that really a lot of money for a restaurant in a small town like that, even as great of a one as it is.  Let's hope whoever buys it continues with it as is.

BILL  SHEA'S ROUTE 66 MUSEUM in Springfield was closed in December 2013 after his death.  His son would like to sell the entire collection as a whole to one buyer.  The Illinois Hall of Fame and Museum in Pontiac has show interest in it, but it would have to be a donation.

Bill's son, Bill, Jr. was there at the museum most times I ever went there and I thought he was interested in keeping his dad's place going.  And, considering Bill's dislike of the Illinois Route 66 Association, a donation might not happen.

ART'S MOTEL in Farmerville had been restored and reopened after being closed for a long time and operated until the summer of 2011.  It is a 13 unit motel with restaurant on the premises.    Its sign we redone by the Illinois Route 66 Association.  If it is torn down, it is hoped that the sign will be saved.

This is one place I always wanted to stay and eat, but that perhaps will not happen now.


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