Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Spring Beach Trip 2015-- Part 2: Interstate Driving to Gatlinburg, Tn.


This was a day of driving the interstates to make some miles toward Savannah.  We eventually drove a little over 500 miles starting on I-74 to Indianapolis from Champaign, Illinois, and then I-465 bypass to I-74 again to the Cincinnati bypass.

We didn't stop along the way to eat as I had visions of a possible Skyline Chili stop in my head, but was beginning to wonder as there was not a single one, or much in the way of any restaurants along the Cincinnati bypass until we got close to I-75, and, there on the sign was Skyline Chili.  Oh Boy!!

We quickly got off and sated my love of that item (thanks a lot Denny).  I even have Liz liking Cincy chili, though she complains there is too much of it.  We both had had some left over for another meal.

Then, we took I-75 south through Lexington, Kentucky, to Knoxville, Tennessee and took the bypass there to the east.

I had been planning to stop at a motel along I-40 somewhere, but when I saw the exit for Tn-66 coming up, I knew that went through Seveirville, Pigeon Forge and out to Gatlinburg, so decided to drive that in a steady drizzle.  This is one huge tourist area all along the highway.  The Wisconsin Dells pales to this and until Dolley hit Pigeon Forge, in the 70s, there really wasn't a huge amount back then until you got to Gatlinburg.


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