Saturday, May 30, 2015

Indy Bound-- Part 4: They'll Be Back

Went back to the RV and Paul made up some great Hebrew Nation Hot Dogs, Smoky Links and brats on the grill.  The folks on the other side of us were playing some great 80s country songs.

.38 Special was playing at the track by turn four, but we couldn't hear them unfortunately.  I am a big fan of that Southern Rock outfit.

One thing we were wondering about was what will happen next year to the American Legion Post 500 in Speedway, where we are staying,  Last year we were led to believe this would be the last year for them at this site.  Sue found out that they will still be here for the 100th Running in 2016, but that it will be relocated nearby the following year and that they would again have RV sites.

Good News.  --RoadDog

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