Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Indy Bound-- Part 2: Georgetown Road Access

Cruised into Indianapolis with no problems and thanks goodness for GPS and instructions as that involved several different roads coming in from the north as out usual Speedway exit of I-465 is open, but closed at Georgetown Road, where we turn on to get to the American Legion RV lot.  You have to have a Georgetown Access sticker on your vehicle to get on this road this year.

Speedway is doing a huge amount of urban renewal, which I for the most part consider for the better.  Just as long as it doesn't get too high-faluting like so much of Vegas is now.  I was completely confused, but John had accurate instructions and Paul got us to the Legion at 12:30 p.m. (most likely Central as I forgot to change the watch to Eastern.  Not a big fan of the Eastern Time Zone myself.  Everything is way too late.

No problems checking in at the Speedway American Legion Post 500 (good post number) and we were in the same place as last year and under trees.  Nice view of the Speedway across Georgetown Road and the famous Pagoda looming over that.  Best of all, electric hookup, but it comes at a price, $350 for four nights (we were only there for three, however).

Sure glad Paul was doing the backing in as it was not easy to do this with our behemoth.

The next 30 minutes were spent squaring it away and putting out the outside sitting and drinking area.

Indy At Last.  --RoadDog

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