Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Beach Trip Spring 2015-- Part 1


Leaving on a really cool day with temps in the 30s.  Got a late start at 2 p.m..  Took Il-120 to Il-47.  Stopped in Dwight, Illinois, to eat at the Old Route 66 Family Restaurant on the old road.

By Mahomet, we got on I-74 and took it the short distance to Champaign and got a room at the Super 8 across from the TGIF and watched the Blackhawk -Predator game until it went to overtime and then went back to the room.  Found out later that the Hawks won in the third overtime.

I hate the 8:30 game times, especially with the 20 minute overtime periods.  We enjoyed talking with a woman in Champaign for training with Jimmy Johns, which started in nearby Jacksonville, Illinois, at Eastern Illinois University and now is headquartered in Champaign.

She was from Nashville and a big Predators fan.  She didn't know, nor did we, when the Predators started or where they got the name or logo.  She looked it up (I still haven't figured out how to use my 2002 flip phone)  The team started in the 1997-1998 season and got its name when work on the foundation for a big downtown building revealed the skull of a type of saber tooth tiger.  That would explain the name and logo.


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