Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Spring Beach Trip-- Part 3: A Night in Gatlinburg, Bluegrass Music and Moonshine


We finally got to Gatlinburg (there was a lot more traffic on Tn-66 than i would expect during this off season weeknight and with the rain).  We arrived in Gatlinburg and took a drive around to see if we could remember where we'd stayed before.  We finally determined it to be the Four Seasons Motel which advertises the best rates in Gatlinburg.  Plus, it is right in the middle of  wherever you want to walk to in Gatlinburg.

We got a room, unfortunately on the second floor and requiring a goodly walk to get to it.  I ended up having to make four trips to get our stuff into the room because of oversights.  I wasn't too happy about that.  Almost too tired to take a walk around town.

We went to the main street and heard music coming from nearby and followed it where we found a place called the Shamrock on a side street.  They had an entertainer playing guitar and singing outside under a tent flap, but no one at the tables which were uncovered and wet because of the rain which had finally stopped. He was good, but the seats too wet so went inside for a drink.  Very Irish inside for some reason.

Then, took a walk down the street and heard some music coming out of another venue off the street so followed it and found a new place called Old Hickory Holler which sells the now legal, and taxed, Moonshine.  That elixir of the mountain folk.  The Baldwin sisters' "Recipe."  And, even better, "Free Tasting."  I tasted, tasted and then tasted.  Good stuff.

They also had an excellent bluegrass band playing at an outside stage with around 40 rocking chairs set up around them.  What a great way to watch some good bluegrass music.  And free as well.

A Great Addition.  --RoadMoonDog

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