Friday, May 8, 2015

And Forget Illinois Highway 47 Between Yorkville and Woodstock

May 7, 2015

Looks like we are going to have to find another way to go south from our house in Spring Grove, Illinois, as Il-47 is every bit as bad as Nashville, Tennessee,  rush hour, but on a much-smaller scale.

Yesterday, as we were making the last leg of our Beaches Spring trip and with thoughts of home looming, we had a traffic mess essentially from Yorkville, Illinois, to Woodstock.  We did a lot of sitting in traffic.

Yorkville's stretch of Il-47 is torn up north of downtown (the southern part is finally finished and a joy to drive, even in rush hour).  maybe, one of these days the northern section will be just as good, but it surely isn't now.  One huge, 45-minute wait.  It didn't make my day.

Then, we had a huge backup at the area where US-20, Il-72 and Il-47 come together at the Stark's Corner area.  Lots of construction and long, long waits at each stoplight.  I mean, L-O-N-G!!!  waits.  We're guessing we waited through 3-4 green lights at each light.

Then, Huntley had three straight red lights waiting for us, which caused a huge backup.  Then, of course, the infamous, wait-a-long time Main Street Strangler light which formed an even longer line of traffic as we left town.

Then, there was a long wait at the Il-176 from Crystal Lake stoplight and a shorter wait at the 176 to Marengo light a half mile north.

Finally, we were surprised to find that Woodstock was actually not too bad.  usually, Il-47 is backed up for a mile during rush hour.

I am planning on avoiding this road for awhile.

Maybe It Was Just a Comparative Thing.  --RoadDog

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