Friday, December 26, 2014

$2 Gas Here in Northeast Illinois!!!

Today, I filled up the Dakota at Murphy USA on Illinois Highway 31 in McHenry, Illinois.  The sign read $1.99.9.  Wow!  I never expected Big Oil to allow the price to go down below $3, and now this!!  Gas all up and down the road in McHenry was at that price as well as Murphy USA started a gas war (another term I never thought to hear again) when it opened a month ago.

Gas in nearby Fox Lake was $2.18 on Christmas Eve, but I filed up the '03 Malibu at Thornton's for $2.05 with my 13 cents off in their Rewards Program.

With gas this low, we'll have to plan a trip in January.

Must enjoy it now as I figure Big Oil will have us gouged back to $4 by May.


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