Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cold Ahead, N.C. T-Giving Trip 2014-- Part 4: The Difference Between Live and Dead Deejays

One thing I like about WJEZ, 98.9 FM out of Pontiac, Illinois, is that they have live deejays all the time (well, at least during the day.  A live deejay is always better than a dead deejay.  Dead deejays are, well, DEAD.  I used to kid the bars advertising me as a live deejay when I was doing that.  Well, of course I'm live, otherwise I would be dead, wouldn't I?

But, a lot of stations nowadays have what I call canned music and no people there doing the announcing.  I will always listen to a station with those "live deejays" as opposed to canned deejays.

I am still thinking about becoming a deejay (well, nowadays CJs, Computer Jockeys, as they all play music off their laptops and pcs).  at our local LP (Low Power) radio station WRLR in Round Lake Heights, Illinois at 98.3 FM.  It has a whole 1 watt of power and goes out maybe 10-15 miles in every direction.  We get it quite nicely here on the hill in Spring Grove.  But more importantly, it streams out over the internet, so can reach much larger audiences.

But, then there is all that technology I'd have to learn (not exactly my strongest area).  I probably would have started deejaying way before 1981 but was afraid of all those wires I'd have to contend with.

Said the Guy With an Old Flip Phone from 2003 Who Still Doesn't Know How to Operate It.  --RoadDog

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