Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Indy 500, 2014-- Part 13

Continuing with news for May 24th, one day before the race.

The Indianapolis Zoo was boasting about their new $25 million International Orangutan Center.  Clyde would be so proud.

LeAnn Rimes is to sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" tomorrow.

We might just have a problem tonight, as there is a Blackhawks playoff game plus an Indiana Pacers playoff game.  Being in Indianapolis, we might be outvoted.  At least the game will be on NBC and we have a TV in the RV and have already checked to see if we can get it if needed.  We can.  And Paul only "fell" off the roof a coupla' times setting the antenna.

It cost $10 to enter for Legends Day.  Well worth it as you get to see the drivers at the Public Drivers' Meeting.  Plus, you get to walk around the track area as well as Gasoline Alley where several of the cars are out for viewing.

The place is always crowded and you get to see folks getting on their hands and knees to "Kiss"the brick extension from the track.

After thoroughly walking my feet off trying to keep up with Sue, probably the world's fastest walker, I broke off from the group and set off on my own.  I found a big memorabilia show ans am so glad I am not "hooked" on the Indy 500 yet, otherwise it would have cost some dough to go in there.

Paul Didn't Really Fall Off the Roof.  he Adjusted From the Inside.    --RoadDog

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