Thursday, July 24, 2014

Road Work Ahead: NC Summer Trip-- Part 2: Recall Notice

I had had the '11 Malibu's oil changed, tires rotated and 27-point inspection on Friday and then Saturday, received in the mail a notice that the car had been recalled because of brake problems.  Just the thing I want to hear after driving nearly 30,000 miles and getting ready to go on a 2,500+ mile trip.

I had hoped to get off by 8 AM on Monday, but went to Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake to inquire about the recall. We were told they didn't have the replacement parts in stock yet and if we hadn't had problems yet, it wasn't likely.

So, I decided to head out after going to breakfast with Liz at Dino's Den.

Back home, I still had some watering of outside plants to do and birds to feed.

Finally got off at 10 AM, just in time to listen to Ten at Ten which was to the year 1974.


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