Saturday, December 7, 2013

The World's 18 Strangest Roadways-- Part 4

15. CANTON AVENUE-- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Small cobblestone street in Beechview neighborhood. 37% grade. That's 37 feet up for every 100 feet horizontal. Has an ongoing feud with New Zealand's Baldwin Street which has a 35-38% grade as the world's steepest drivable street.

16. THE HIGH FIVE INTERCHANGE-- Dallas, Texas. Where I-635 connects to U.S.-75. Tremendous verticle mode here with lanes as high as a 12-story building in places.

17. LOMBARD STREET-- San Francisco. A curvy icon. Originally had a 27% grade but was too steep for early autos. In 1922, 8 curves added and reduced to 16% grade. It was two-way until 1939.

18. TIBBITT TO CONTWOYTO WINTER ROAD-- Northwest Territory, Canada. Made famous by the History Channel's "Ice Road Truckers." 370 mile ice road from diamond mines over interconnected lakes.

How Steep Is Too Steep? Wonder How Steep the Turn Off US-12 at Sunset Road in McHenry County Is? --RoadDog

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