Saturday, December 14, 2013

Food Trails Reach Across the Country-- Part 2: SC, the Birthplace of Barbecue?

Most (of the South Carolina BBQ joints) are small, family-owned restaurants and roadside stands witn recipess handed down through the generations, some in one-of-a-kind settings, too. The Schoolhouse BBQ in Scranton, for example, is housed in a renovated former African-American schoolhouse." I wonder if that would be one of those Rosenwald Schools?)

And, South Carolina claims to be the birthplace of barbecue (though I'm sure this is open to debate). Experts at Drayton Hall, the country's oldest unrestored plantation house, "have established the state as the birthplace of barbecue, dating to the 16th century when Native Americans introduced it to Spanish colonists."

Up Next, Some Other Food Trails. --RoadDog

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