Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NC Boud T-Giving 2013-- Part 5; Strange Truck

From Sauneman to Forrest, I listened to another favorite radio station of mine, 98.3 WWHP out of Farmer City, Illinois. Their music could best be classified as Americana, and, of course, I get those farm reports, always great to have while driving through all that Illinois farmland. I turned it off however, before I got out of range as they were playing nothing but a steel drum concert which I didn't like so well.

Normally, I take Il-47 all the way to I-74 in Mahomet, Illinois, near Champaign, and then that to Indianapolis. However, my last time through Indianapolis, I-65 and I-70 were under construction and I got caught in a huge traffic jam taking the bypass. I decided to take US-24 east to I-65 and that to Indianapolis to avoid it. It started to rain in Dwight and continued the whole way until I got east of Indy.

In Watseka, Illinois, I saw a sign for The Full Bull BBQ and Saloon, a place I might have to check out sometime.

Gas was $3.29 in Indiana. Stopped at Kentland, Indiana, at a McDonald's and saw that they had Bears cups with the purchase of a large-size meal. You'd think being Indiana, the cups would have been Colts.

At 1:34 PM, I saw a convoy of four cop cars with flashing lights escorting a truck with something big under a tarp. I have to wonder what that was all about. About 25 miles north of Lebanan, Indiana, I saw a bad accident in the northbound lanes and a huge backup on I-65.

Home for Thanksgiving. --RoadDog

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