Thursday, December 19, 2013

NC Bound T-Giving 2013 (Nov. 21st)-- Part 6: Confusing Indy Signage and Wrong Motel (But I Got My Skyline)

Now I'm enetering the Indianapolis metro area on I-65 from the northwest and ready to get on the bypass 465 to go around it (I remembered all the road construction on I-65 and I-70 in September that led to the horrific traffic jam on I-465 south of the city so was not going my usual way, I-74 to I-465 to I-70 coming from Illinois). I took I-465 East and was cruising along when I saw a sign for I-465 South. I knew I had to go south on the bypass to get to I-70 east of town, so took it. //// It turned out that this was the I-465 South going around the west side of town. I'm cruising along wondering if I was on the east or west side until I saw a sign for Speedway. Man, I'm on the WRONG SIDE. Rats. The best-laid plans done in by poor signage. //// Now I faced that really bad traffic jam on I-465 south of town, but I hadn't seen any signs for I-65/I-70 construction so decided to chance a drive through downtown despite the fact it was evening rush hour by now. //// Took my usual Sam Jones cutoff to I-70 and rolled through town in heavy traffic, but no jams. Clear cruising. //// Easy drive into Ohio and stopped at my usual Skyway Chili place in Englewood at Exit 29. Got my large four-way and checked out the motel coupon magazines I had picked up at the Ohio Welcome Center and saw the Best Western Plus at the exit had rooms for $59. Unfortunately, there was a Clarion Motel between Skyline and the Best Western which wasn't very well marked and I went to that, but when they told me the room was $100 realized I was in the wrong place. //// Got to the right motel, checked in after a 401.8 mile run today. //// Lost Again. --RoadDog

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