Monday, December 16, 2013

Route 66 in Illinois Loses Bill Shea

Sad to hear that Bill Shea, long famous for his ties in Springfield, Illinois, with his gas memorabilia museum, passed away this past Saturday. Liz and I feel fortunate to have met this interesting character many times and we've sat outside his place by the picnic table and listened to his stories many, many times and never got tired of it.

On our first trip on Route 66 back in 2002, we met not only Mr. Shea, but Tom Teague as well, sitting out on some chairs and after just a few minutes, we were hooked on Route66.   We never had a chance to NOT become Route 66 Roadies.

Poor Illinois has sure lost some of its greats over the last several years, including Bob Waldmire and, of course, Ernie Edwards.

Fortunately for us, though, Bill's son was always at the station and I'm sure will continue on in the Bill Shea Way.

We'll Sure Miss You Bill Shea. --RoadDog

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