Thursday, December 5, 2013

NC Bound T-Giving 2013-- Part 4: School Speed Zones

I had to switch from my usual 96.9 FM to 97.1 FM by Lily Lake and had some folks really angry at me for going the state speed limit of 20 mph past the old school. Sorry guys, but I'm not getting a speeding ticket. I always have to wonder if that 2- mph is required when you see kids outside or is that the speed anytime school is in session. I found out from a cop friend that technically it is anytime school is in session. A warning to Chicago drivers as they now have speed cameras near all schools that operate formany additional non-school hours in an effort to get money for the city.. //// Gas at the Elburn BP at 47 and Il-38 was $3.27. That is usually the most expensive gas on Il-47. //// Of course, along with trucks and lots of traffic, another problem you occassionally encounter on Il-47 is slow-moving farm machinery. //// Gas in Yorkville, the town that goes on forever, was mostly around $3.10. Il-47 is torn up between US-34 and Il. 71, including the whole downtown by the Fox River. I started losing 97.1 FM in Yorkville, so no more A to Z, sadly. The last songs I heard were "Uncle Jon's Band" by Grateful Dead, "Under My Thumb" by Rolling Stones and "Under My Wheels" by Alice Cooper. Well, time to pop the old CD in, and it was the new one called "New" by Paul McCartney. --RoadDog

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