Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Speaking of Wisconsin-- Part 5-- Out to the Abbey

We are always taken aback by how pretty the Abbey and its marina are as we come down the hill by it. Of course, just to the right, you have that blue Geneva Lake.

Boats and water everywhere.

We found a parking place fairly near the main entrance of the Abbey (which is usually booked every weekend during the summer) and enjoyed the flowers and landscaping as we walked into the lobby with its huge log A-frame and pool off to the side.

Walked outside into the grounds out back and there were quite a few people enjoying the place. (Rates on summer weekends are around $200 a night.)

Found where the music and bbq was by the Waterfront Cafe outside under some trees. Beer came in cans and was $3, even for Leinie's and Leinie's Summer Shandy. Plus, there was several different $5 offerings in the bbq, including. 1/4 rack of ribs, two pulled pork sandwiches and seven huge wings. Mighty good eating.

Then, they have weekly bands playing from 12:30 to 4:30. Today's was a very talented duo calling themselves No Bozos.

Too bad we didn't find out about this earlier in the summer. We'll definitely be back there next summer on a few Sundays.

'Que, Beer 'N Music Outside. How Ya Beat That? --RoadDog

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