Monday, September 30, 2013

Chicago's Old-School MapQuest-- Part 3

Because of a wildfire of annexations of neighboring towns in the 1890s, Chicago had boomed in land area, population and confusion. There were three different systems of numbering homes and businesses in the city itself: North Side (north of the main branch of the Chicago River and east of the river's north branch, one for the South Side and one for the West Side. And this was not to mention numbering systems existing in the newly annexed towns. //// Then there was duplication of street names. Chicago in 1901 had nine Sheridan streets, nine Forest streets, ten Oak streets, 13 Washington streets, 13 Center streets and 14 Park streets. //// Delivering mail must have been some accomplishment. //// Then there were what Brennan called "Broken Link" streets which were interrupted at various points. They often would have one name on one side of the interruption and then another on the other. //// For instance, at various points, the street just west of Halstead was called, Lime Street, Reta Avenue, Craft Street, Newberry Avenue, Florence Avenue, Dayton Street or Green Street. //// I Tell You, It's Enough to make a Letter Carrier Hang Their Heads. ---RoadDog

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