Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inventions: The Mother of Vacations-- Part 6: Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: Whether its a better mousetrap or a computer mouse, inventions require a patent. Hey, you want to make money off your creation. You'd want to visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Odffice in this city, //// It also houses the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum which featuresrent exhibit on health and exercising ingenuity highlights such inventions as Gatorade and the Thighmaster. //// I mention Alec Foege several times as this is his list of must-see places. He has a new book out "The Tinkerers: The Amateurs, DIYers, and Inventors Who Make America Great" put out by Basic Books. Soounds like a good one to check out. //// I knew some of these places he listed, but not all of them. ---RoadDog

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