Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Span of Madison, Indiana's Bridge Comes Down-- Part 3

The old bridge was built by the J.G. White Engineering Corporation and construction started in 1928 and was completed the following year. It was opened to traffic December 20, 1929. Cost of the bridge was $1,365,101.84. //// It was a toll bridge until November 1, 1947. I didn't think it was possible for anything charging a toll to ever become free. That never happens here in the Chicago area, even when they promise it. Instead of becoming free, what normally happens is that tolls go up. //// For years, it was known that something would have to be done about the bridge, but no one could come up with a satisfactory plan so the bridge underwent a $10 million refurbishing in 1997. //// All the piers of the original remain, but will be widened to carry a wider deck and I'm happy to see a steel-truss superstructure will be put in place. I hate those bridges you cross that don't look like a bridge; st a bunch of construction barriers. //// There will also be a pedestrian walkway. Looking forward to seeing the new bridge. ---RoadDog

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