Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbye Southern Belle in Mt. Olive, NC-- Part 1

This past Friday, I had wanted to stop by and eat lunch at the venerable Southern Belle restaurant located in Mt. Olive, NC, right off US-117 at the overpass. We were on our way to visit with my cousin and wife in Warsaw. This restaurant had been serving some really great food ever since the 1960s and, at one time, had been affiliated with the Southern Belle Motor Motel, a Mom and Pop operation that was torn down several years back and replaced with a modern two-story motel. /// However, Mom said she thought the restaurant had closed down and, from the overpass we saw the place with an empty parking lot. Mom suggested eating at the Lighthouse Family Ligthouse on 314 S. Breazeale Avenue in Mt. Olive so we went there. /// Breazeale Avenue is the old US-117 and the restaurant is located just down from where my uncle's gas station/bus stop used to be. It is a rather nondescript building with a little sign. I'd heard about it on WNCT-AM 1070 out of Greenville, NC, a station I listen to Beach Music many mornings while researching and entering blogs. /// ---RoadDog

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