Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yep, That Chandler Harnish Is That Good

Also, on my first day on the road, November 18th, I had it in my plans to stop at the Skyline Chili place at Exit 29 on I-70 in Ohio (north of Dayton) for some of that great Cincy Chili.  After having a delightful four-way meal ( I don't particularly care for the beans in five-way), I saw a guy wearing an Indianapolis Colts sweatshirt finishing his five-way and watching the Colts game on TV.  They were playing the Patriots and getting blown out.

I told him that they should put former NIU quarterback Chandler Harnish in and give him a chance to play.  He said that the Colts had released him, which is a good thing as he was not going to get much of a chance to play with that Luck qb.  (Harnish had gotten picked last in this year's NFL draft, Mr. Irrelevant.)

He said that he had seen Harnish play and that he was more impressed with his play than Luck's.  He agreed that Harnish is a good qb.

Hope Harnish catches on somewhere other than the Bears, unfortunately.  They have no idea when it comes to quarterbacks.

In Total Agreement.  --RoadDog

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