Saturday, November 3, 2012

Closing Down the 2012 Boating Season: A Recap-- Part 2

We got the boat in very early for us, in May (sometimes as late as Mid-July), and immediately had problems.  I launched it and then met Liz at Rick's, where we dock it, and, as she was coming down the channel, she couldn't get the trim to go up or down (it had at launching and cruising over).  We took it over to a friend's who knows a little something about boat engines (I know nothing).  He and two others couldn't find the problem.

Left the boat at his place and the next day did a slow cruise (couldn't get the trim down) to Midwest Marine in Antioch on Lake Mary.  They took it out of the water and fixed it while we had lunch at the Sand Bar Grill and Bar.

It ran fine for the rest of the season.

We got signed up again for the Chain Crawl for 2012 and enjoyed going to the 39 places on the water for drinks and food.  We made several trips downriver with Kevin and Kelly, hitting those places on the Crawl.  Plus, there were several multiple Crawl boat outings on the upper lakes (several by Liz with them while I was on vacation in North Carolina).

We made it to all 39 places, our objective.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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