Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Best Places to Stay on Route 66

From by Lenna Gonya.  Comments are mine.

BLUE SWALLOW: Tucumcari, NM,  1939.  Owned by Lillian Redman 1958 to 1998.  We spent a great night outside having drinks , watching cars drive by on 66 and watching the birds fly and the neon.

EL RANCHO:  Gallup, NM:  1930s.  Well worth a stay, especially in the main lodge.  Great little bar as well.

WIGWAM VILLAGES: San Bernardino, Ca. 1947 and Holbrook, Az.  We've seen both and both as of 2006 were in great shape and carefully restored.  Unfortunately, both times we got to these places, it was way too early in the day to stop.  But sure looked and took pictures.

MUNGER-MOSS:  Lebanon, Missouri.  We've stayed there many times.  Always a pleasure with Bob and Ramona.

Sleep On 66.  --RoadDog

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