Saturday, November 12, 2011

Doing the Lincoln Crawl-- Part 7: Still at Lord Stanley's

October 15th.

The Northern victory made the party even more festive. Spirits were high and others flowing as the place rapidly filled up to standing room only. I'd say the majority were not students, but alumni and many even older than Liz and myself.

Of course, the Dekalb Footstompers' first song was the "Huskie Fight Song" which got a lot of cheers and lusty singing. I have written down all three set lists on entries on this blog from October 21-24.

The first set was a little slow, but things were a-hopping by the second. Like i said before, the Footstompers are not a band you'd want your kids to hear when they're doing their "dirty" songs which are hilarious, especially our two favorites, "The International Waltz" and "NIU Sorority Bitch."

I sure would have liked to have beer, but after what I saw the night before with all the police pulling people over, I wasn't taking chances. I sure got way too much pop. Liz was the lucky one and got to drink because she did not have to drive.

We saw all three sets and left at ten.

Of course, we did NOT SEE one single cop car on the way back to the hotel. That figures. "Shoot, I coulda' had one, twos, threes beers."

One Last Place to Go. --RoadDog

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