Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Classic Cartoon Had Life of It's Own: "Yep, Sonny, This Is Sure Enough Injun Summer"-- Part 1

From the October 16th Chicago Tribune.

Sadly, we are a bit past Indian Summer here in the Midwest along the Wisconsin-Illinois border, but this cartoon that first appeared in the Tribune in 1907 continues to be one of my favorites.

As a matter of fact, one Christmas, Liz ordered a framed lithograph of it for me and it is hanging in our living room right now.

Every year when I was growing up, I looked forward to seeing it in the Tribune. Usually, it was on the front cover of the Sunday Tribune Magazine. Unfortunately, it is from another era and not considered politically correct these days, so the Tribune stopped running it after some complaints from Indian groups.

Just one more fall thing they're taking away from me like burning leaves, a true aspect of fall and something that gets me to roll down my car window whenever I see a pile burning away.

Just Another Fall Day. --RoadDog

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