Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doing the Lincoln Crawl-- Part 6: Lord Stanley's

Lord Stanley's was the Shamrock when we were going to school. It also has an upper level that is open to the lower, but it has been closed for many years since an unfortunate incident involving the death of a girl who fell over the rail.

There are lots of hockey pennants, flags and pictures all over the place. If you're a hockey buff, this is the place for you, especially if you're a BlackHawks fan.

Every day except Homecoming and New Years Eve, they have a really good special involving a large pizza and two pitchers of beer for $15. Even if I do say so, that is a REAL GOOD deal. And judging by the number of people ordering pizzas, theirs must be very good. We've never had a pizza there, though.

Pizza and other bar foods have to be ordered at a small window at the back of the place.

Meanwhile, Northern Illinois did some adjustments during half time and came out with all guns firing and demolished Western Michigan to win easily (after being behind 15-13 at half). This made the Homecoming Party at Lord Stanley's even more festive. (The rock band Kansas was playing with the NIU Orchestra at the Convocation Center.)

More to Come. --RoadDog

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