Wednesday, November 2, 2011

America's Wackiest Hotels-- Part 2

LIBERTY HOTEL-- Boston, Massachusetts-- was used for over one hundred years as a prison. Today, it is a luxury hotel with rooms starting at $295. That's a lot of dough to sleep in a prison. Wonder what their wake up service is?

WINVIAN-- Litchfield Hills, Connecticut-- from $650-- This better be one unbelievably great place to stay at that price.

KATE'S LAZY MEADOW MOTEL-- Mt. Tremper, New York-- A retro and kitsch place in the Catskills owned by Kate Pierson of the B-52s. Cabins from $17!! I wonder if one is called the "Love Shack?"

AURORA EXPRESS B&B-- Fairbanks, Alaska-- consists of old railroad cars-- priced from $145 a night. And, you get to wait at the crossings.

If You're Getting Tired of Super Eights and Motel Sixes. --RoadDog

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