Thursday, November 24, 2011

Airplaning It to North Carolina

About two weeks ago, I was shocked to find out that I could fly back to North Carolina via Delta Airlines for $202 including tax and round trip. I immediately dropped my plans to drive. It would cost more in gas roundtrip.

This past Monday, 11-21, Liz drove me to Milwaukee's Billy Mitchell Airport. Checked in easily, then went to one of my favorite bookstores anywhere (and right there in the terminal) Renaissance Books.

They have a whole two shelving units devoted to the Civil War, and even better, two of the shelves have nothing but books on the naval aspect of the war. Even though I don't need any more Civil War books, I bought one on Union sailors.

There was quite a bit of a backup at the security check point. The masses bunched together in one line. Then, there was another line with no one in it for those special folks too good to wait with the rest of the rabble.

I couldn't help but think the two lines should have an Occupy Sign reading 1% left; 99% right.

Got There. --RoadDog

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