Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hitting the Road Around Here for Fall Color-- Part 2

Reporter Lisa Davis suggests a drive around Geneva Lake (the town is called Lake Geneva, the lake is Geneva Lake). Make sure to take Snake Road off Wi-50 just west of town. This is probably one of my favorite short drives anywhere.

Get off 50 and go into Williams Bay and by the Yerkes Observatory take Lake Shore Drive to Fontana where she suggests eating at the Abbey Resort. (Make sure you walk around the place as well).

Then take South Lake Shore Drive from Fontana. We have two places we like to get off for drives by the lake shore, the first by the Magestic Hill sign and the second by a school.

Then, back into Lake Geneva where we like to eat at Popeye's (not the chicken chain) overlooking the lake and the historic Riviera Docks building and Gage Marine (where you can take a boat tour around the lake).

Then there are all those unique shops and taverns downtown.

We are fortunate to live only about twenty miles from Lake Geneva, but don't get there as much as we should.

A great Drive inthe Country. --RoadDog

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