Sunday, December 14, 2008

Went to Chicago-- Part 1

Yesterday, I took a train ride to Union Station in downtown Chicago from Fox Lake. This is a hard deal to beat as it only costs $5 round trip, AND, I could have used the same ticket today as it is good for the whole weekend. Good thing the CITY has nothing to do with it as Daley would surely tax it into the upper reaches. The governor would want to sell the franchise to the highest bidder in return for generous "political" offerings.

Why, you'd spend more just for gas and don't forget that highly enjoyable Chicago parking. One place was advertising special rates of $18 for the first hour. Hey, and then there's that enjoyable 10+% sales tax. Sometimes I have to wonder why I don't go into Chicago more often. Oh, yes, I remember.

AND, Union Station straddles both alignments of Route 66 in this part of Chicago, Jackson and Adams streets (or is it avenues?). Walked along 66 (Jackson) going east to State Street, then north to Marshall Fields, excuse me (that store beginning with "M").

If it is true what they're saying about the economy (Are we actually in a "recession?"), then what I saw confirms it. There were very few people walking outside the stores compared to what I remember. However, there were more folks begging for handouts. Sears was practically empty.

To Be Continued. --RoadDog

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