Friday, December 12, 2008

My Old Kentucky Back Roads

I came across this excellent blog by Steve Manning yesterday. As he says, he covers "Historic places, people, homes, churches and buildings along the scenic back roads of Kentucky."

Each entry has pictures and a short caption. So far this month, he has had entries about the 1803 John Soper House, Daniel Boone's 1795 cabin, Revolutionary War hero John Jouett (see my Cooter's History Thing Blog), and the 1842 Elmwood Inn.

John Jouett made a night-time ride of 40 miles, much longer than that of Paul Revere, to warn Virginia's legislature and Thomas Jefferson of a British march on them. Everyone's heard of Revere, but not so Jouette.

You can view this great road trip at

It's on my favorites.

Check it Out. --RoadDog

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