Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Along 66, September 2019: Tulsa Neon and Worrisome Elbow News

SEPTEMBER 6--  First neon sign restored with a Tulsa Route 66 grant program.  Billy Ray's BBQ and Catfish neon sign.  It has been dark for about fifteen years.  The program has gotten a lot of applications for this worthy project.

My idea is that you can never have too much neon.

SEPTEMBER 7--  Elbow Inn operators lose lease; owners will restore the place to its 1950s appearance.

The people operating it right now have had it since 2006, but the owners want the place to move in a different direction and it will reopen after a face lift.  They do say that it won't be a winery.  What would they do with those hundreds of bras on the ceiling?

I am a bit concerned about this news.  Other than the bathrooms, I like everything just the way it is.  Not only is the place rustic, but it really puts the dive in Dive Bar. It is a must-stop every time heading for the Munger-Moss.

Keep It Real.  --RoadElbow

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