Wednesday, August 21, 2019

One Week-- Part 3: Woodstock, Fish Fry, Sunnyside and Football


Fifty years ago they were having the Woodstock Art Festival in New York state.  That was some lineup of music.  Wish I had been there.  Hey, even if it was just my all-time favorite group, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

One of the great things about living here in the Midwest, is the abundance of fish  fries on Fridays.  Hey, it's a Friday Fish Fry kind of day.  Last Friday, we met a bunch of the usual Suspects at 'Cuda's on Grasslake Road for one.  And today, Liz and I went to Stucky's in Johnsburg for one.  One of the best ever in my opinion.  The breading on the fried fish was absolutely delicious.

Then to nearby Sunnyside Tavern where a group was having a good time with the jukebox and were joined by Kevin and Kelly and watched the waste-of-time preseason Bears game.  We did play Country Joe McDonald's "Fixin'-to-Die-Rag" which was from Woodstock.

You know:  "It's one, two, three, what are we fightin' for, don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Vietnam."


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