Friday, December 28, 2018

NIU Homecoming 2018-- Part 11: Of Trains and Bars On the Lincoln Crawl

Even though we were early, we still had to park on the other side of the railroad tracks in downtown DeKalb.  This means you might likely have a wait for a train to go by.  Lots and lots of trains run through DeKalb.  And they run through REAL FAST.  I mean, real fast.

You don't try to beat the train, either on foot or in a car.  We had to wait for a train to go by.  We always laugh at each other and say, "Imagine that.  A train going through DeKalb."  If we didn't hear a train, we'd think we were in the wrong town.

We went in through the back door of Lord Stanley's, our new place to go in downtown DeKalb.  Of course, it is on the Lincoln Highway.

Back when we were in school, this place was Daddy-O's Shamrock.  Not too far west of it, on the corner of 1st and Lincoln Highway was Otto's (called the Uprising when we were at Northern).  That has now been torn down and a nice-looking apartment building built in its place.

Just to the east, and across the Lincoln Highway stands Andy's and McCabes, two other college watering holes.

Dodging Trains and Drinking Beer On the Lincoln Crawl.  --RoadDog

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