Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Along 66, April 2018: Blue Whale Vandalized and 92nd Birthday of 66

APRIL 28--  Vandalism at the Blue Whale by Catoosa, Oklahoma.  Evidently, nothing was done to the whale itself but picnic tables were thrown into the water.  Security cameras will now be put in place for when no one is there.

The Blue Whale dates to 1972 and was built by Hugh Davis and is a must-see for anyone traveling on Route 66.

APRIL 29--  Route 66 birthday party set for Monday in Springfield, Missouri, as they say, "The Birthplace of Route 66."

It will be the 92nd anniversary of our favorite highway.  The commemoration will be held downtown where the number 66 was received in 1926.

But, Why the Whale?  --RoadDog

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