Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Opossums in the House

I spent my first day in North Carolina helping my brother move two opossums from his basement out to a wooded area for release.  He has a cat door and evidently the two opossums entered through it.  A few days ago, he was startled by what he thought at first was a snake hanging down from the overhead, but turned out to be an opossum.

He went to the city and they gave him a trap to catch it which he installed in his basement yesterday and caught one.  Later that night, he heard a rustling in his garbage can, looked in and there was another one.  He cornered it and put in in his dog kennel.

We took the two out to a wooded area.

My brother decided to set the trap again in his basement and just an hour ago, he called to say he had caught another one.

Here a Possum, There a Possum.  --RoadDog

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