Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 13: Race Day, Birthday

MAY 24, 2015

OK, so today is when, as the Beatles said "When I'm Sixty-Four."  Sue had a small sign made up and took a picture of me sitting outside the RV for her FaceBook page.

No Legion buffet for me because of the long line out the door.  And, I also know there to be another long line inside.  I opted to save the $8 and went over to the Food Shack and had a couple really good$1 sausage and cheese biscuits.

I heard that they were down to their last few bags of ice, so bought a couple bags.

We walked over to the track and almost got there when I remembered that we hadn't stopped at the radio place for Sue, Paul and John to get the new stuff to listen to the race (drivers and teams talking).  So had to go over to one of the many trailers selling and renting the radios.

Big crowds, but they have come up with a plan to check what people are bringing in much more effectively than two years ago when a whole lot of people got in just as the race began because of the huge lines at the security points.

The Indy 500 sells expensive beer and drinks like you'd expect at most stadiums, but, they also allow you to bring your own beer and drinks in.  That is pretty amazing in this "Give me your dough" times.

"Will You Still Love Me?"  --RoadDog

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