Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mojave Desert Area Route 66 Towns Named Alphabetically-- Part 1

From the December 23, 2009 Pasadena (Ca) Star-News.  Part 7 of an ongoing series by Claudia Heller.The town of Fenner was once on Route 66, but because of realignment is now off, the same with Goffs.

Approaching the town, there is a 20-foot high sign announcing "GAS"  which is so expensive that management has a sign asking travelers not to harass employees about the prices.  There is a small picnic area, pond and a station serving food.  (Yes, you have to take out a second mortgage to get gas in Amboy.  Even more expensive than Chicago.)

Fenner is a former railroad water station along with others across the Mojave Desert, all named alphabetically: Amboy, Bristol, Cadiz, Danby, Essex, Fenner, Goffs, Homer, Ibris and Java.

Essex, west of Fenner, used to have cafes, markets and garages with on-duty mechanics.  It was known as a place where you could get a free drink (of what not mentioned, but being in a desert, perhaps water?)  In deserts, restaurants and gas stations charged you if you wanted a drink of water.  (OK, that answers it.)

I'm Getting Thirsty, But Not for Water.  --RoadDog

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