Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting Our "Oranges" Ready: A Bowling We Go

Last year this time we were making plans to go to the Go-Daddy Bowl in Mobile.  Right now, we are planning to go to the Orange Bowl in Miami.  Is there a difference between the two bowls?  You betcha there is.

Although, we sure had a great time at that last one and played Arkansas State, a team and school that reminded us very much of out NIU.  This year, the opponent will be Florida State.  That is a huge jump in competition and we sure are hoping for the best.  Our team is hot and on a roll, but alas, we are still mid-major which always means difficulty when we play one of the Big Boys.

We have already gotten a room for New Year's Eve and day as we plan to drive down.  Last year, we paid $40 a ticket for the Go-Daddy Bowl, but now that we are in the land of the Big Boys, prices have certainly gone up.  Lowest nose-bleed seats in the end zone are $75 and go up to $225.

Ouch!!  --RoadDog

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