Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting My Kicks on You Know What

Not earth-shattering news or anything like that, but it sure made my day yesterday before all internet access went bye-bye (was it the sunspots?).

Anyway, at 5:48, WXRT-FM in Chicago played this little old song called "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" by that little old band called DePeche Mode.

Then, later I was in the kitchen and Liz had the TV on and the old "Leave It to Beaver
 show was on.  Poor Theodore had been on a TV show and gotten out of school for it.  Everyone tuned in and he wasn't on.  Everyone was giving him a hard time and the Beav kind of ran away.

His parents were getting worried, and good old bro Wally said he figured his brother had run off to Hollywood to be on TV and movies and was probably going to be driving a sport scar on Route 66 like the TV show. Wally was always only to happy to interject his ideas.

Turned out, the TV station filmed their shows and then it would be on the air the next week.

Not Big Things, But I Sure Do Get a Kick When Something About Route 66 Comes Up.  --RoadDog

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