Friday, January 4, 2019

NIU Homecoming 2018-- Part 13: Andy's and Bands


Besides the DeKalb Footstompers, Andy's in DeKalb also served as a starting point for Mr. Myers, a reggae/Caribbean band and Howard & the White Boys, a rockin' blues band.  We sure had fun with those groups and still catch Mr. Myers around here on occasion.

Sadly, however, both Andy's and McCabe's are closed these days.  I sure wish they reopen these two places.

We went into Lord Stanley's which gets its name from the Stanley Cup and is a huge Blackhawks bar.  There is hockey stuff all over the place.  A great place to watch a game.  There are two levels, but the upper level has been closed ever since a girl fell from it back in the 1980s.

And, today, Lord Stanley's was a destination for lots of NIU alumni, including us.  The DeKalb Footstompers have played here for the last twenty years for every Northern Homecoming.  But sadly, this year they weren't.  They called it quits after 45 years and played their last shows this summer.

We always would leave the Huskie football game early so we could get seats at Lord Stanley's.  If you waited to the end of the game, you would have to stand.   But there were far fewer people there today since they weren't going to play, so we got seats at the bar very easily.


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