Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Along 66, December 2018: Denny's Windmill and Country Classic Cars

Stories taken from the Route 66 News blog site.

DECEMBER 2--    Denny's windmill in Arcadia, California, spinning again.  It fell off last year.  Denny's purchased the site in 1989 and spent $100,000 refurbishing it at that time.  It is on an original Route 66 alignment.

Saw a picture of it and next time through there, we'll be stopping.  That is one neat-looking windmill.  Definitely a tourist attraction.

DECEMBER 2--  A series of an estimated 15 tornadoes struck the Staunton, Illinois, area and severely damaged the Country Classic Cars complex nearby (off I-55).  They are having some bad luck after a destructive fire in 2017.

I haven't heard anything about damage to Rich Henry;s Rabbit Ranch so guess he had no damage.


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