Thursday, September 7, 2017

To Galena for Our 44th Anniversary-- Part 4: VFW and Gold Room, But No Blue Nun or Cork & Cask


We first went to the VFW, which is open to the public.  They have $1.50 Busch Light 12 ounce drafts, a good price these days and especially in a tourist spot like Galena.  We talked with several people.  It is a friendly bar.

We then went to the Gold Room, a short distance from the VFW and they have $2 cans of domestics everyday.  Also a friendly place.

When we left, we were going to go to a liquor store named Cork & Cask out north of town and close by where the old Palace Motel (now Ramada) used to be and buy some beer and a bottle of Blue Nun wine. A bottle of Blue Nun wine was given to us by Liz's father when we left DeKalb after the reception and it has been the drink we like to celebrate our anniversary with ever since.

The Cork & Cask, for a little liquor store, always had a good selection and even always had Blue Nun.  We were saddened to find the Subway deli store open, but the liquor store closed.  It had been there ever since 1973.  (We found out later that it had closed a year ago.)

We ended up going to Wal-Mart and buying a case of beer and some cheese and cold cuts for our meal.

Back to Grant Hills Motel and we sat out and feasted and drank a few.

A Cheap Date.  --RoadDog

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