Monday, September 4, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 31: Fort Fisher's Impact On Me

Maybe I'll get through this trip by the end of the year.  Not saying I run a little bit behind, but....


Spending a lot of time at Fort Fisher is a great thing for me.  Like I said, this is my favorite historical place anywhere and a big reason why I spent 33 years teaching, am interested big-time in history, and, of course, these blogs.

I haven't spent this much time at Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach since back in the 1980s, when I also thought seriously of resigning from my teaching job and working at the Blockade Runner Museum in Carolina Beach.  Glad I didn't though as the place closed a year later.  And, i don't think I could ever get Liz to move to North Carolina.

I am thinking of going to the 153rd anniversary of Fort Fisher's fall this coming January and spending a week in and around Carolina Beach.  I'd also like to take a tour of Wilmington, North Carolina's World War II sites.  Wilbur Jones is a foremost authority on that era in Wilmington and pushing to get the city named as a World War II City.

And, of course, Fort Fisher was used for anti-aircraft training during World War II.  Sadly, several of the fort's traverses were flattened to make a landing strip for the planes pulling the targets.  Too bad they couldn't have put the airstrip further north or south.

That Fort Hooked Me.  --RoadFisher

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